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Billy Meier - A Strange Story Print E-mail
Billy Meier - Contact Note

A Strange Story…

The following is by Ch. Frehner, translated from the English report that we received from Parvis Nazem, which was sent from Iran:*

* Translator’s Note: The following is by Benjamin Stevens, translated from the German translation by Christian Frehner that was translated from the English report that FIGU received from Parvis Nazem, which was sent from Iran:

Dear Mr. Meier

They received your nickname, "Billy," exactly where the mysterious phenomenon has taken place. I’m referring to Tehran, the capital of Iran, where you were staying for some time. In autumn of 1980, as you well know, a bloody war began between Iran and Iraq, which lasted for 8 years. In many families on both sides, this war caused great sorrows and worries through the loss of loved ones. At that time, to my surprise, no one in the Western world said anything about it, and even today, there is still silence over this (as though we are a bunch of lab mice that would have to be wasted anyways). In comparison, there are numerous films, literature, documentaries, and videos about other wars and conflicts that occurred in other places. Perhaps if you, as an influential person, do something about my request, then mankind, at least in my opinion and in other survivors’ opinions, has done its duty regarding this war. I try to point out that uncovering certain secrets and some unknowns about this war is more profitable, as opposed to discovering the secrets of the "Alien Autopsy" films (such as Santilli’s Roswell Film) because with the former, a much larger audience was involved, and it serves more humane purposes.

Here is my story:
In the first night of war in autumn of 1980, I observed – along with about 2,000 army recruits, who spent their military training at a base called Farah-abad – the most bizarre and most inexplicable phenomenon that has ever happened to us. We ate our dinner at around 1700 hours. The base was on full alert, and the recruits were not allowed to leave this under any circumstances until further notice. Suddenly, the whole world was filled with sounds of explosions and antiaircraft gunfire. We all left the cafeteria in order to see what was going on. Someone pointed to the sky and shouted: “Here they are, the Iraqi jets!” There, nine bright objects were arranged into three groups and forming triangles, which hovered motionlessly over our antiaircraft battery, 5 km away in the east. Every shooter in the area who saw these objects fired on them. Within a few seconds, our rockets were fired. To my surprise, the objects didn’t move at first. Therefore, I thought that they would be shot down within a very short time. But as the rockets nearly reached the bodies of these things, the objects went vertically upward (the speed was tremendous) and left the rockets far behind, which ultimately exploded. Immediately after that, the objects returned to their original location, while retaining their triangular formation.

This lasted for so long until no more rockets were fired; silence spread everywhere. I heard a voice in my head: “Was that all? Let’s show you what firepower is.” As this thought came over me, the objects dived down upon us. They needed less than 10 seconds to be over our heads. I had already shouted: “Run for your lives! Those damned sons of _______ want to kill us!” and everyone reacted to my cry and ran to the foxholes that we had dug on the same day around our barracks. I threw myself into the nearest one. Two seconds later, I heard myself saying to myself: “Get up, coward, you call yourself a soldier! You’ve hidden in this hole for hours, and no bullet was shot and no bomb was dropped!” I left the foxhole and looked up into the sky, to see where the objects had flown.

It was amazing. The sky was not the sky of 1700 hours; it was dark and littered with stars. I looked at my watch: it was about 2130 hours. I looked around me, in order to tell everyone that the danger had passed. No one was there! All the holes that were dug in a line were empty. I left to search the buildings for any sign of my closest friends. The buildings were empty. All in all, I searched four barracks on the base; they were all vacant. There was no one, not even outside of these. According to the military orders, we should have all been asleep in our beds. But there were neither officers nor sergeants in sight, who could have stressed the orders. I felt tired, went back to my barracks, and fell asleep, but just to wake up the next day and see all the others in their beds.

No one made any comment about the previous night. Even my closest friend didn’t answer my questions about the events of the previous night and about his opinion on the objects. Then, the army issued a statement that these objects were UFOs, and this was the reason why they (the army) couldn’t catch these, but altogether, everyone ignored what had happened.

I must say that for as long as I was on this base, the rocket battery didn’t shoot a single rocket at anything before that and after that. The Iraqi war planes actually came and bombed Tehran, and they flew directly over the same rocket battery, but there was no reaction from this. Two years after the end of the war, it was revealed that even though it wasn’t all, still, most of the Iranian antiaircraft rockets were mysteriously sabotaged. But maybe it was just what they thought. I had seen some rockets that were shipped to Japan for repairs.

A few months after this event, I was back in the heart of the action – on the battle front. I returned alive and was absolutely sure that it was a time that I should have been killed, but I either reacted to the danger correctly or otherwise survived the direct hits on our position.

Mr. Meier, I estimated that on that night, around 4,000 people were abducted. I mentioned before that I examined four buildings and found them empty. In each building, 100 people should have been present at that time. So this means that I’m sure about an abduction of 400 people. Since there were two army bases in that area, each of which had a capacity for around 2,000 people, I could see from this that around 4,000 people were abducted on that night or were brought to silence.

Are these enough people to help me get your consent that this case is just as legitimate as the “Alien Autopsy” Case? Is this case mysterious enough to direct a question about the incidents to your Pleiadian friends? Was this war supported by any extraterrestrial beings? Did they try to test the theory, “only the strongest survive?” Did they try to give paranormal powers to the soldiers in order to enable them to survive in serious battle situations or to produce tougher soldiers? Did they stand in contact with the US military, in order to try to keep the Iranian army away from their air defense equipment, so that the Iraqi forces receive air supremacy?

What did the Aliens do to us, when they took us to their underground bases? I had wet, reddish soil marks on my uniform when I left the foxhole. The soil in and around the foxhole was yellowish and dry. Why am I full of pains in my body? These pains in my body began a few months after my abduction. Can I count on your help, Mr. Meier? You are my last hope.

With kind regards
Parviz Nazem


The events of the observed UFOs are not to be denied because these were also reported elsewhere. However, what is to be said with respect to the “barrack experiences” is that it most likely concerned psychological shock trauma. This view is also that of the Pleiadians/Plejarens, who also aren’t aware of the notion that during the incident, Iranian soldiers should have been abducted. Also, the Pleiadians/Plejarens weren’t involved in the UFO incident, and there was certainly no intention of the UFO occupants to intervene in any way in the war.

It remains to be said that the psychological shock trauma seems to have stopped completely for several hours and evoked a so-called “real recollection,” by which something apparently experienced is considered as real, as this is also the case with a so-called “real vision.”