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Billy Meier 230th Contact – Wednesday, October 11th, 1989, 4:01AM Print E-mail
Billy Meier - Contact Note

230th Contact

On Friday, December 10th, 1976, Semjase explained all kinds of things to me about Easter Island and its inhabitants, as well as about the stone head colossi.
Thereby she also spoke of machines which stemmed from extraterrestrials.
The colossal heads were produced, transported and erected with those.
Unfortunately, she did not describe these machines in more detail, but for us it would be important to know what kind of machines they were.
She also spoke of cranes and other sorts of apparatuses which the extraterrestrials put at the disposal of the islanders.
Somehow I find that it was irresponsible of the extraterrestrials to place their technology into the hands of such underdeveloped Earth humans.
If I think about your directives, which prohibit you from interfering in the affairs of humans greatly inferior to yourselves, and also from making yourselves visible in real form or taking up contact with such, then I do not understand the behaviour of those extraterrestrials who got involved with the islanders.

72. It is also incomprehensible to us that they openly got involved with Earth humans who were still so primitive, so we can only presume that they must have been refugees who had traveled a great distance, who settled with the islanders in order to have a refuge where they were unsuspected by those who were pursuing them.
73. This presumption is also based on the foreigners to the islanders, as you call them, not making their actual high technology available, because the machines reported by Semjase were primitive constructions made of palm tree wood.
74. In those days Easter Island was thickly covered with forests of palm trees, which were massively timbered off to the point of extinction.
75. The palm-wood was used for the construction of the primitive machines about which Semjase reported to you.
76. So the heads, which were hewn, respectively, chiseled, out of the volcanic rock, were heaved onto, and transported with, these machines which were prepared from palm-wood.
77. When the colossal heads, created by stonecutters, were ready, then round tree trunks - which, with lianas, and so forth, were made into a tree trunk sledge - were shoved under the figures.
78. These triangularly-prepared tree-trunk sledges were not, however, set on the ground, rather on further palm trunks, which were likewise triangular and were arranged in a long row up to the destination.
79. In this way the colossal heads could be transported over great distances as if on tracks.
80. And thereby the figures of heads, weighing many tonnes, could slide properly on the decorticated palm wood trunks, which were smeared with things containing fat as well as also continuously being wetted with water.
81. The tree-trunk sledges' motivating power was a great number of humans, who, in fits and starts, shoved these sledges with wooden poles, while others pulled the whole thing forward with long ropes made from lianas, and so forth.
82. In order to then erect the heavy objects on the prefabricated platforms, volcanic rock was used to build ramps onto which the giant heads were shoved, whereupon, then the tree-trunk sledge, with the stone colossus laid on it, was lifted up centimetre by centimetre with human power and was progressively supported underneath with volcanic rocks.
83. Additionally, initially small, and then ever bigger palm-wood poles were shoved under the sledges from behind and thereby everything was also kept from being able to fall back.
84. Further, fastened to the topmost part of the stone head, were more ropes, which extended forward and were lain on by humans, whereby, collectively, a crane process resulted.
85. These were the machines about which Semjase reported.

... regarding Easter Island, we misunderstood everything about that, because we assumed that the extraterrestrials had put their own machines at the disposal of the islanders.
So, naturally everything looks different ...

88. The foreigners actually only revealed instructions and understandings in regard to how the still very primitive Earth humans could develop a special technology as a result of building - from the simplest means - their own devices and primitive machines for their use.

... censured....

We spoke once about the Ness Sea, therefore Loch Ness in Scotland, in connection with so-called Nessie, whereby it is supposed to deal with a saurian, for which, however, up until now, no proof of existence could be brought forth.
But you have said that such an animal does actually exist in Loch Ness and that all that, therefore, it is not about a fairy tale.
I would like to see the beast.
Can you take me to it sometime?

109. Actually, two parent animals and a young do exist.
110. It thereby deals with an aquatic predatory saurian, therefore about Plesiosaurus which have sustained themselves for many generations.
111. However, proving their existence will be very difficult, because the animals themselves only seldom make their way into the higher waters, or even to the waters' surface in such a way that they can be sighted.
112. We have observed these distant saurian descendents for many years and have, during the course of our research, also found petrified fossils of their distant predecessors, which we left where we found them where they will perhaps be found some day by terrestrial palaeontologists or other Earth humans.
113. Naturally I will take you there so you can see the animals, however you must not make that public for the next 12 years.

... censured....

... Tell me, what do you make of the bad music which is manifestly beginning to gain a firm footing on the Earth?

435. That is an extremely regrettable matter because, as I know from a look into the future, now the time is coming in which many kinds of evil become evident.
436. Worldwide, more and more parents become depraved, who sexually abuse their children, drive them into prostitution, rent them out for this purpose and sell them for child-pornography, and so forth, whereby terrible torment will be inflicted on them and they will even be murdered.
437. In addition to that, in the coming time, more and more children will commit suicide, whereby the suicide rate will climb inexorably.
438. Harmonic music will be extensively displaced in the future by unbelievably disharmonic noise which will be labeled a modern music trend.
439. From that, a complete disharmony will come about, by which innumerable people will be seized, and indeed youngsters, teenagers and adults.
440. In the future, monstrously big, disharmonious noise-installations of this kind will take place everywhere, whereby all decency and all feelings of self-worth will be trampled underfoot many times over.
441. Many will become criminals in order to indulge these undignified actions and also drug addiction, and the related criminality will climb immeasurably worldwide just as much as unemployment, and prostitution, which will be shamelessly publicly advertised in the press and on television.
442. All that will occur, next to which porno-prostitution will become an officially recognized industry and will be taxed in the same way as public prostitution.
443. But that is not all, because also the language will deteriorate, because, through the shameful power of USAmerica, the languages of the world will be Americanized.
444. The secret USAmerican plan, since the First World War, has been organized to eradicate the German language in particular, and indeed in conjunction with USAmerica's secret, world-domination plans.
445. But through the entire disharmony, the German language, with all its varieties and dialects, is infected through a wrong stressing of the words in the spoken sentences, which additionally promotes the entire disharmony and also exercises an extremely negative influence on governors, company leaders, industrial magnates, and the military, and so forth.
446. Through it all, new wars will come into being just as much as will also monstrous state, commercial and private debts, commercial collapses through irresponsible maladministration, exploitation of many firms by their managers, bankruptcies, into which firms will be driven by management and maladministration, which will lead to monstrously great worldwide unemployment, and under certain circumstances, can evoke a commercial and governmental collapse in all industrial countries.
447. And monstrous terrorism will become evident worldwide which will, to a great extent, in religious, sectarian, secret service and open political form, be practiced in the coming time through suicide assassins as well as through other cowardly attacks on the innocent and on their worldly possessions.
448. Also all kinds of radical political, anarchistic and sectarian-religious groups of extremists will emerge, such as so-called skinheads and neo-nazis, and so forth, as however also will political, religious and sectarian powerful-ones of the state, who will be fanatics and unscrupulous and irresponsible war-mongers, war criminals and murderers.

So humanity can still be pleased. [Billy is expressing irony.]
But, as usual, one can probably change nothing because it will be just as it has been since ancient times: when prophecies, probability calculations as well as predictions are made and announced by sages then they will only be laughed at, scorned and labeled nut-cases, or they will even be harmed, persecuted, seriously insulted and slandered, and, ultimately, attempts will be made on their lives.
That will indeed also not change in the future. ...

... censured....

Monstrous, really monstrous. It would also be just as monstrous if/when the world trade centre would be destroyed by terrorists with captured commercial airplanes, through which thousands of people would die, that Bush junior – and various of his criminal trusted ones knew that then, however undertook nothing against it. A criminal act that gains Bush the upper hand and he can let loose against Islam, naturally always under the cloak/veil that they want to free the USA and the world from terrorism. It would not be discussed that it would be the Bushs who would bring the greatest terror over the world, at least for the next 15 years.

666. That is correct.

... censured....