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Billy Meier 236th Contact – Thursday, April 26, 1990 Print E-mail
Billy Meier - Contact Note

236th Contact


Indeed, you still appear. I already thought that you wouldn’t dare to come here again. If I’m not mistaken, you were already here last Monday, while I was away. That was on the 23rd. Is that true?

1. You speak the facts accordingly.
2. Yes, I was here in your workroom and waited for you for more than 45 minutes.

Aha, but unfortunately, I was on the move and didn’t return until 7:20 PM. But because you didn’t inform me that you were here, I went straight into the kitchen with some purchased goods under the arm and in the hand, while Eva had to carry a few things into the office. I was hardly there in the kitchen when Eva then came running along somewhat puzzled and asked me if I had turned on the CD player in my office and had put a CD into the apparatus. Upon asking her why she had come to this absurd idea, since she had seen that I had gone directly into the kitchen, she told me that in my office, interestingly enough, my CD device was running and was playing a musical piece of Julio Iglesias in a rather loud manner. Naturally, I rushed off immediately in order to investigate. And indeed: my CD device was turned on and was loudly playing the eighth piece of a Julio Iglesias disk. Straightway, I ran back into the apartment and asked my wife and the children if they had possibly been in my office and had turned on the CD player, which I had turned off at noon before I left with certainty, before I also removed the CD contained therein. But all of them answered my question negatively, and secondly, how could the children even get into my office, since they have no key to this room? Only my wife has such, and she insisted that she wasn’t in the office and that she also hadn’t given the key to the children at any time, so it still remained for me just to think of who could have otherwise been in my office, namely no one who would have needed a key in order to get into my workroom. The conclusion: it could have only been one of you, and since I really couldn’t name anyone who had been in there except you, I just had to assume that you were actually the one who turned on the power and the apparatus and played the Julio Iglesias CD.

3. Yes, you returned at exactly 7:21 PM, and 35 seconds later, Eva opened the door to her workroom, which is connected to your room by a direct passageway.
4. Unfortunately, I was carelessly given to the view that you yourself would come to your workroom first, so I was quite shocked, then, when it was Eva.
5. Therefore, somewhat hastily, I had to rise from my very comfortable resting position and leave the room, before Eva could notice me.
6. Apart from the fact that our mutual vibrations of various kinds could have caused some harm if these had met one another, Eva still would have surely been a lot more frightened than me if she would have met me.
7. For this reason of my hasty removal, it was, of course, no longer possible for me to turn off the music device.
8. On the other hand, Eva would have probably been even more surprised if the music had suddenly stopped, for she had heard this upon entering, like also Silvano, who was moving along the upper floor.
9. I must also confess to you that the music pieces heard by Eva and Silvano, which you hadn’t interrupted then, weren’t the first ones.
10. Before those, I listened to the sounds of the prisoners’ chorus from the classical piece “Nabucco,” but I also occupied myself with the Bolero and two country melodies.

You seem to be quite versatile in the matters of music.

11. You aren’t the only one who can enjoy and be refreshed in the most diverse styles of music.
12. Even as you love classical music, rock, country, truck songs, folk songs, pop, marching music, rap, soul, spirituals, gospel, and our music, as well as Oriental, Middle Eastern, and Far Eastern music and rhythms of the natives, I, too, am just as versatile and have no fixed boundaries in reference to the style and direction of this very pleasing, loosening, and profound muse.

I am surprised there, however, because I had often thought that I was a little crazy, for I have such diverse music directions. No matter what style and direction it always is, I can take pleasure in any harmonious music. Only with disharmonious things can I do nothing, such as with nonsense pop, which is so discordant that it threatens to tear up not only the psyche but also the metaphysis painfully. The most foolish thing here is that people have already become so confused that they designate better music – which is truly harmonious, like also pop – as the idiocy of disharmony.

13. This is because the people of the Earth are already so false-perceiving and false-feeling that to them, disharmony appears as a purpose in life.
14. The more the person succumbs to confusion and aberration, the more his innermost self aligns itself toward disharmony, which is particularly expressed in the sense that he becomes a stranger to true harmony and perceives disharmony as invigorating.
15. This has now already been the case with the Earth person for many years, specifically with the young generations, who strive for an alienation from reality, which must necessarily end in misery.
16. Therefore, it has also been the case for many years that only very seldom is such valuable music composed and played.
17. Disharmony has already won such supremacy among the Earth people that it is regarded as and also perceived as harmony.

It is directly a relief to hear you speak these words. You speak to me from the heart.

18. My words only correspond to the truth.
19. But now, it should be enough with that, for we should speak of other issues.

Of course. I would have a question, for example, that interests all of us passionately.

20. Actually, I wanted to talk about something else, rather than to answer a question for you now.
21. But your word stands before mine, in such a way as it is fitting for me.

Ptaah, you’re not my physical son, but I would like to suggest to you in this way that toward me, you don’t …

22. The honor is due to you, not to me…

Please, we have gotten along well with each other for many years, and we have understood and appreciated one another. We have paid due respect to each other and have never tried to rise above one another. So please, it should now also remain so.

23. For me, it is a very great joy and honor to be allowed to hold you in high esteem.

This also corresponds to my thoughts, feelings, and emotions for you, but this should be in mutuality of equal status.

24. Your words delight me down to my deepest depths.

Yes, my friend, “Verum gaudium res severa est.” (Note: Latin = true joy is a serious thing.)

25. That it is, indeed. –
26. I thank you, my friend.
27. But now, to your question!

Ah, yes. – Ptaah – your name, what does it mean? What significance does your name have?

28. You don’t know this?

No, because first of all, I have never asked for the meaning, and secondly, the name also isn’t registered in our Book of Names.

29. Then I will gladly give you the answer to your question:
30. My name means, in the old-Lyran as well as in our own language of today: “He who lives life in wisdom.”

I think that I had roughly expected a meaning of such kind. How could it be otherwise?!

31. Good, then can I now talk about that which I actually came for?

Actually yes, if it is so urgent and important; although, I actually would have still had another issue that concerns me personally and that I just can’t cope with.

32. Then don’t be rushed.

Well, I actually don’t want to make a fuss about it, but what occupies me gives me some riddles. It seems to me that on Tuesday evening at 7:30 PM, something happened that holds a variety of oddities in itself, which I just can’t figure out.

33. Those are the concerns, of which I wanted to speak with you.
34. But tell me all of the events from your point of view.

You mean the story with the lightning strike?

35. My words refer to that, yes.
36. But now, please tell me everything, just as you experienced it.

Well: the whole afternoon, I was on the road with Eva and settled my activities occurring abroad for this day. It was Tuesday the 24th. We returned to the center at 7:15 PM, and we were already happy down in the valley about the fact that in Schmidrüti, there always seemed to be nice weather, for the sky was blue and the Sun let its rays fall down. We determined this when we drove by in Tablat. Unfortunately, the day had not been particularly nice with regard to the weather. It was constantly cloudy and rain also fell on occasion. Shortly after Tablat, on the left side of the road, the Sun shone on a meadow that was lush with blossoming dandelions, which is why it appeared as if the meadow shone in pure gold by the Sun’s rays. I was very excited to see whether the meadow would shine in pure gold by the Sun’s rays. I was very excited about this and, thus, also drew Eva’s attention to the beautiful spectacle. When we came to the center, we unloaded the vehicle, after which I then went with Silvano to the fairy pond, in order to place rotting stalks, roots, and branches there, all around the pond and all around a stone weighing about a ton. We had just set the stone there in the afternoon, before 4:00 PM. So I stood close behind the large stone, leaned myself forward and toward Silvano, who stood a little lower than me on the road below and who held out a tree stalk toward me, which I just wanted to take, while about three meters to the left of Silvano stood Bernadette and her son, Nathan, who were watching us. Just at that moment, when I had my hand in front of me toward the stalk and about 15 cm above the outer edge of the stone, a flash of light hissed from the near left. The hiss could only be heard for a tiny fraction of a second because it soon developed into a loud crackling, just as if two high-energy electric cables had collided. At the same time, a bluish white arc of light shone on my thumb and a powerful blow was sent into my hand, which raced into my shoulder and into the back of my head and, at the same time, into my right leg and foot. In the same split second, a flash of light tore out of my heel and struck a few centimeters into the underlying rock. A small rock fragment tore loose and shot off as a glowing pellet in the direction of Bernadette, while at the same time, about 35 cm below the upper edge of the stone, a brief, splintering, and cracking sound drowned out the electrical crackling, whereby several rock fragments hissed around Silvano’s body. Once the splintering cracking occurred, the flash had emerged again from beneath the stone, and a half palm-sized piece of stone fragmented and tore out at a depth of about a centimeter. I was able to grasp and see all of this in a tiny moment because I had looked directly at my hand when the flash struck into it. The blow to my hand was quite powerful, and so was the pain, which shot through me and which still continues to this day.

Through the blow, I was also thrown back and, through this, made a small rotation to the left. But this only lasted for about a third of a second. This third of a second, however, was exactly the time when I saw a bluish white, luminous ball shooting down about seven meters to my left, which was the size of about 6 soccer balls, rushing down from the bright blue sky and from high above the Semjase tree. At a height of about 2.3 to 2.5 meters above the ground, almost exactly halfway between the Atlas Cedar and the American Red Oak, which stand at the bank of the fairy pond, the beaming object of light burst in a glistening explosion. Simultaneously, a deafening, bursting, and tearing thunderclap, so to speak, tore up the air directly over our heads, while a shock wave pressed down on me hard with my left knee on the large stone. Silvano was so shocked that he took an enormous leap backwards, while Nathan disappeared as fast as lightning into his room. Somehow, a small wonder happened with Bernadette, who stood on the road just about three meters to the left of Silvano. Exceptionally, one could not hear her talking any more, for obviously, the powerful thunderclap had simply robbed her of her voice. For some time, she stood there stunned and was quite evidently “thunderstruck.” As this thought went through my head, I had to grin, despite the burning pain in my arm, also because of Bernadette’s and Silvano’s faces. Both were simply dumbfounded at that moment. But evidently, these two were just tremendously startled, for this only lasted for a short time before Eva came running out of her office and excitedly asked what the meaning of the enormous thunderclap was.

Engelbert also said later that due to the crashing blow, he was literally launched up from the sofa, on which he sat comfortably in front of the television. – Well, all that so far. But of course, I have considered all this and have encountered some strange things that don’t completely rhyme with a natural process of lightning. First of all, I was standing, as it were, directly under a roughly 12-meter high Japanese larch, which certainly would have served as a better lightning rod or lightning receiver than me. I must also say the same thing about the fairy pond, which was located only about 3.5 meters to the left of my location. This likewise applies to the two birch trees and the two black alders, which are about 12 meters tall and which were located about 15 meters further to the left of me and on the other side of the fairy pond. Why, then, didn’t the lightning strike one of these large trees, even though the brightly glistening lightning ball, or just the ball of lightning, swept down there from high above the Semjase tree, first shooting down on the treetop of the large birch, severing it and striking it down, in order then to make a sharp turn toward the tree tops, descending between the Atlas Cedar and the Red Oak? And all of this with beautiful blue skies and with the last sunshine of the day. A little too much all at once, I think, when I consider this strange incident. Something in this matter seems to be foul to me. Something just isn’t right because everything was completely different than it was in other incidents, such as when during a thunderstorm, a ball of lightning closely hissed just 50 cm in front of my face and exploded, concerning which no one would believe and relieve me, if I could not appeal to the testimony of Freddy, who was standing just about a meter to the left of me during this event. Also, everything on last Tuesday evening was completely different than it was at that time in the year 1977, when I stood here in the center in the kitchen during a thunderstorm and looked out the window, just to watch as an approximately 1-meter large ball of lightning rolled down over the roof and exploded just before the end of the roof in a glistening explosion, by what means some sheets of metal were torn off of the roof.

This time, everything was completely different. Anyhow, that’s how it looked to me, in its constitution and movement. And it was, indeed, a ball of lightning that I saw. By the way, there is a witness to this because before Bernadette was “thunderstruck,” she, too, could still observe the ball of lightning, as it shot from the sky and burst between the two trees mentioned. This is also why I still want to mention this, for our earthly scientists are still not sure whether balls of lightning actually appear or whether they are fairy tales or hallucinations. – And now, I think I’ve probably said everything, except perhaps that I will probably go to the doctor today because the pain has increased since the event and there is still a slight burning sensation on the skin.

37. Your story was rather detailed and corresponds exactly to the records of the control disk.
38. It will certainly also be good if you visit the doctor – just in case.
39. Unfortunately, I cannot be helpful to you in this respect because I have no experience or training in such things.
40. But still, you should come with me after our conversation, so that I can at least determine whether you have suffered any harm.

I haven’t suffered any burns or the like.

41. Nevertheless, I would like to reassure myself of the harmlessness.
42. Moreover, your supposition, or rather just your determination, is not unfounded, that all of what had happened was not of such a natural origin as this should appear.
43. The incident was contrived and directed.
44. At the same time, when I speak of an unnaturalness, I don’t speak of an unnaturalness where non-natural forces would have caused everything and would have put it into effect.
45. The opposite is, in fact, the case; the flash of lightning itself, which went into your hand, as well as the ball of lightning, which actually was just as existent as what you observed earlier, these were of completely natural origin, arising from the electric energies of the atmosphere.
46. The concentration of the energies also developed in a natural way, but the origin of the concentration had been caused artificially, just as the flash of lightning and even the ball of lightning had been directed.

Oh boy, I nearly imagined something like that myself. Perhaps it is also true, then, that the roaring thunderclap tore up the air at a height of just about 110 meters above us?

47. That is not exactly right, but your guess is very close to the realm of reality.
48. How did you calculate this distance?

It’s quite simple: Arc of light/lightning's impact on my hand times the distance per second of the thunderclap. According to my calculation, the time was about 1/3 seconds, more precisely, slightly less than a third of a second. In zero degrees of temperature, the sound wave moves, to my knowledge, as a longitudinal oscillation at a velocity of 331 meters per second, which corresponds to a distance per three seconds of 993 meters. Thus, three seconds correspond to a round kilometer. So that’s my calculation. Of course, I do realize that I can’t be very exact with that because I don’t know the temperature that prevailed at the time of the event, and this is, indeed, important for an exact calculation.

49. I actually should have expected this logical answer from you.
50. Well, the thundering occurred at an altitude of 108 meters above the ground.
51. However, this wasn’t a thundering that usually …

But I thought that …

52. Now you can’t actually know what I wanted to say.

However, my friend, that I can, for I thought of something similar myself. The thunderclap was brief, cracking, splintering, and tearing everything up. The air was simply torn to shreds, but not by the lightning but by the thunderclap. But this is unnatural. Nevertheless, that is what I firmly determined as I was struck by the lightning. Ordinarily, and I know this damn well from experience, air is torn apart in a tiny moment when lightning hisses around. Calculated according to Adam Riese and other clever minds, the air should have been torn apart in front of my face at the moment of the roaring noise, as the lightning entered into my hand and repelled me. However, nothing like that happened, but just a third of a second later, a peculiar thunderclap rumbled above our heads. But this, also in a manner that cannot be reconciled with a natural, brief thunderclap. To me, it rather seemed to be the roaring thunderclap of an ear-deafening explosion, just like at that time in that war-like world, during our journey in 1975, when you had to atomize the Atomic Airship of those lunatics in a hellish blast from an explosion, when those lunatics were so bold to release that unmanned death vehicle upon us. Everything about the crack of thunder on Tuesday reminds me of that time, but only one thing confuses me: on Tuesday evening, with the crack of thunder, I only saw the glistening ball of light explode and the arc of light on my hand, but otherwise, I saw nothing at all, at least nothing above the height where I should have actually seen an explosion, if my supposition is right.

53. Contrary to my assumption, you know it, nevertheless.
54. Yes, your supposition is correct and, indeed, very accurate.
55. The thunderclap was an explosion, caused by the fact that a missile of an unmanned nature was destroyed by us, for this device was programmed to kill you, and to be sure, precisely in that manner in which you experienced everything.
56. The flash of lightning that went into your hand was just the search and target beam for the deadly energy ball, the ball of lightning, which was racing behind it.
57. But even this targeting and searching beam would have been fatal for you, due to its powerful energy, if it had just hit you correctly, such as in your chest or in your back.
58. Through our intervention, however – which occurred, unfortunately, somewhat late, for we were not yet completely masters over the things – the attack on your life was literally prevented at the very last moment.
59. But unfortunately, we could no longer prevent that you still had to receive certain effects from the attack.
60. Moreover, it was surprising for us when we determined that you weren’t even frightened, much unlike all the others who were present at the center. – –
61. Now, the fact that you weren’t able to observe anything more than just the bright arc of light on your hand and the ball of lightning, this will no longer seem to be remarkable to you, once you know that the foreign aircraft that was set and programmed for you was completely shielded against every view and also against every technological means of detection, as this is also true for the process of the explosion of the missile.
62. We weren’t just able to muffle the sound of the explosion but also the shock wave, which was still able to hit you with a weakened force.
63. Unfortunately, we also couldn’t prevent that to a limited extent, you were exposed to weak radiation, but this will no longer adhere to you in a few weeks and won’t endanger you.
64. These are actually the explanations that I wanted to make.
65. This was also the reason for my visit and for my waiting for you on the 23rd, when Eva startled me.
66. I came here that evening in order to warn you about this, but unfortunately, it still happened after all.

You’re good, man oh man. Do you also know that Eva is in the office next door and is sleeping? Man, we have all holes open in the building and are merrily babbling here while she is over there. It just amazes me that so far, you haven’t cracked up yet and aren't acting crazy. It’s true that Eva is sleeping, but this should not be so determining …

67. We are, actually, very inattentive, and moreover, you didn’t make me aware of this.
68. But fortunately, that is not of great importance, for our protective devices, such as this one here, have been so further developed in the meantime that they protect us from any vibration that could be dangerous to us for 92 minutes.
69. So there is no danger in relation to this.
70. But so that Eva doesn’t wake up and doesn’t come over here, I can do something.
71. Just as my daughter placed your wife into a deep sleep before, I will do the same thing with Eva using this device here.
72. So this touch here is sufficient; now she won’t be tempted simply to wake up and come here.

Good, but don’t you want to explain to me what this is actually all about, why one wanted to send me, yet another time, into the happy hunting grounds? Who is behind this, and why does one, once again, want to make me have a nirvana ride? Apparently, some heroes are involved again, who are located somewhere in the Milky Way, because earthlings do not have such technological possibilities, as you mentioned them in your explanation. Or should the Brazilian minions or the heinous ones of Argentina and Bolivia be behind this? But no, they shouldn’t even have such possibilities, right?

73. That corresponds to the truth.
74. But listen:
75. You have very many enemies on the Earth, all around the globe, in Europe and in America, as well as in Asia and Africa – and in Africa, particularly South Africa is to be mentioned – and in Asian Japan.
76. In all these continents and countries, there are many swindlers, liars, and deceivers, who fear you, due to their swindler-like and deceitful and fraudulent existence, which is why these degenerates want to hate you and murder you with the power of their thoughts.
77. All of them, these swindlers, liars, and deceivers, who maintain that they would have contacts with us or with other life forms from the far reaches of space or with spirit forms, etc., are all urgent on removing you from life and killing you by their bad and negative thoughts.
78. Unfortunately, even “friends” of yours lend their assistance in this because they succumb to the swindlers, liars, and deceivers, giving them the faith and the hands and all the means to harm you.
79. They probably do all these things unconsciously because they, just your “friends,” are blinded by the liars and deceivers and swindlers and are no longer able to recognize the truth that on the Earth, you alone have the task of spreading the true teaching of the Creation, the spirit, and the laws and commandments relating to this.
80. And because of the liars, swindlers, and deceivers, who designate themselves as mediums, contactees, channelers, healers, or as some other fraudulent name, the people can no longer recognize that you are, solely and exclusively, the only one – for all peoples of the Earth and, thus, for all human races – who can spread the teaching of the Creation and the spirit and who is incumbent upon this most difficult of all difficult tasks and who fulfills this in modesty.
81. In return for this, however, you are insulted by those, to whom you bring rescue, which is for all of earthly humanity and which is uniform for all peoples and races.
82. Yet very many, who call themselves your “friends,” shamefully deceive you and try to make a profit from your knowledge and from the teaching.
83. Through this, innumerable ones want to raise themselves above their fellow human beings and play master and prophet, even though they are removed from any knowledge of the truth, understanding, ability, any wisdom, and the fulfillment of the laws and commandments.
84. Thus, they become traitors and insult you and threaten you and let it go so far that assassination attempts can happen against you, as this was the case another time on last Tuesday in the form known to you.
85. However, guilty for this are all those who are openly or indirectly your enemies, even those who call themselves your “friends,” but who deceive you and make a profit from your knowledge.
86. Guilty for this are all those, such as all those in Europe, who work in various forms against you and your work.
87. But also guilty for this are Randy Winters, Roberta Brooks, Fred Bell, and many members of MUFON and many other groups all over the world.
88. Also guilty for this is Yoshi Kozakura, who, in Japan, has succumbed to liars, swindlers, and deceivers and who has become disloyal to you and to the true teaching.
89. Moreover, guilty are all of those around him, whom Yoshi Kozakura deceives with alleged contacts with us and other alleged extraterrestrials and alleged higher spirit forms.
90. Guilty are all those who are your adversaries, because through the power of their betrayal, the power of their lies, fraud, and all swindle, as well as the power of their malicious, negative, and schizophrenic medium and channeling machinations, they generate tremendously lethal energies against you, which gather together in electromagnetic clusters all around the Earth and influence unstable people to be just as negatively and maliciously against you as also powerful natural forces, such as the energies that produce lightning.
91. So now, it has happened that a malicious group had the audacity to kill you through this and, in this way, to destroy the entire teaching of the Creation, the spirit, and the truth, by converting an aircraft in such a way that it worked as an independent robotic unit and hunted after you.
92. The simple process was that in the aircraft, all the negative vibrations of the Earth people that are directed against you were collected and stored in a block of sapphire of immense size, which was specifically provided for the aforementioned aircraft.
93. For over two years, the fallible ones could work in this way, before we finally became attentive to this.
94. But this only happened because we were trying to fathom why Yoshi Kozakura became disloyal.
95. At the same time, we encountered three individuals, who are very strongly influencing people, who live in tremendous fear of the fact that you could convict them of swindle, lies, and deception.
96. The thoughts of these negative people, however, were directed toward you in such a death-threatening manner that we felt compelled to explore the appropriate memory planes, by what means we found out that there are tremendously destructive powers stored against you and that of these, inconceivably large quantities were simply taken from somewhere.
97. Getting to the bottom of this incident was obvious for us, and we soon found the perpetrators of this murderous doing.
98. A residual group of the now dead Ashtar Sheran, who finally concluded his life in the DAL Universe, felt obliged to be active as avengers of their former lord and master.
99. And since they thought that they could avenge their dead master most impressively if they would nip the teaching of the truth on Earth in the bud, they placed malicious, negative impulses in several of your friends, which made them become disloyal and enslaved to swindlers, deceivers, and liars, as in the case of Yoshi Kozakura and a few others.
100. But in order to destroy the teaching of the truth, the spirit, and the Creation, as well as its laws and commandments, and to nip it all in the bud, they then thought that it was only necessary to transport you from life to death.
101. And in order to manage all this, everything was to be handled in such a way that a natural death would be faked.
102. Death should have come to you through the fact that you would have just been hit and killed by lightning.
103. The intention was that a ball of lightning would be directed toward you by a search and target beam, whereby the explosion of the energy bomb would have then torn you to pieces, which we could only just barely prevent at the last moment, unfortunately.
104. So that the fallible ones could realize their plans at all until now, it was necessary for them that they got a hold of all negative energies of your enemies, by storing these in the aforementioned block of sapphire.
105. With these forces, it was then possible for them to collect and accumulate the natural electrical ether energies that are concentrated at a small point above your center in order, then, to form the energy ball as an actual highpoint, to shoot this out of the block of sapphire and to let this follow behind the search and target beam at the same lightning-fast speed, in order to rip you to pieces in its explosion.
106. Then, for the people around you and also elsewhere, it would have looked as though you had been hit and killed by a strange ball of lightning from a bright blue sky, which would have then been represented by your enemies and by the traitors, as well as by all sectarians, as “God’s vengeance,” as this was already devised and preprogrammed by the fallible ones, all of whom we have fortunately captured and whom, by the advice of the High Council, we’ve relieved of any technology and whom we’ve exiled to a planet for the rest of their lives, from where they can never return with certainty.

What should I say on top of that? How hateful these people must be, that they go on until the end. They are just poor, misdirected ones, who try to destroy everything in wild hatred. But they are also megalomaniacal and as foreign to the creative truth as people can be. And the traitors here on the Earth, as you call them, they are not even the slightest bit better in this respect. The megalomania and the craving for power and craving for sovereignty is badly pronounced in them, which is why they donate only too gladly to those faiths and why they obey those who turn out to be false contactees and false prophets, as this is now also recently the case in Japan.