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Billy Meier - Interview

Raphael Labro: Thanks, you obviously feel strongly about misrepresentation. Unfortunately, there seems to be an awful lot of fear mongering and questionable romanticism on the New Age/Sci Fi market.
Could you share with us some family background details prior to your Pleiadian connection?.

Billy Meier: I was born in 1937 and similar to Jmmanuel (Christ), in a stable 2000 years ago, I too started life in a farm environment as the son of a Swiss farmer from the hinterland of Zurich in Bülach. Not far away from Hinterschmidrüti, actually only 24 kms. I’m the reincarnation of Ezekiel. I was born a prophet. At five years old, extraterrestrials started to communicate with me.

Raphael: What was your reaction to your first encounter with the Pleiadians?

Billy: Although only five, I somehow could never believe the dismissive answer from my father when together behind our house... at exactly 9:00 AM, on the 2nd June 1942, my father and I observed a shooting flying object, a disk about 250-300 m diameter, 200 m above our head. My father looked at me really surprised. I remember how he was trying in his ignorance to justify the object: as a new secret weapon of Hitler’s army. How could I accept his explanation? I knew that it was an extraterrestrial flying object. Consequently, I spent the whole summer staring at the sky, day and night, in the hope that “they” would come back again soon...

Raphael: When and where was the first contact made with the Pleiadians? Evidently, you were only seven years old when Sfath took you for your first Pleiadian space craft ride. How was it, Billy?

Billy: Yes, two years later still in Bülach, in November 1944. I was nearly seven years old, when Sfath (Semjase's grandfather and Commander of the Pleiadian Fleet of Light) took me on my first inter-galactic dimensional Pleiadian beamship ride. There, I was prompted to recall all my past lives. I was then left to mature without the aid of Sfath...

Raphael: OK, we’ll comeback later for details... (Billy normally a reserved man, a 70’s Baba, was on a roll...)

Billy: ...In the 1950s till 1960s, during some of my early ET experiences, I was urged to learn all I could about Earth's various religions through first-hand experience. With all the information I had received, I became someone extraordinary compared to the “normal“ people at home. Nobody, even at this time believed I was Ezekiel’s reincarnation. And I was regarded at home as a real lunatic and problematic child and taken to special institutions; even my father sent me to a psychiatric hospital for some months. Just after my rehabilitation, to escape from home and especially my father’s sarcasm, I went and signed for life into the Foreign Legion in France, but as soon as I realised that I was being trained to kill human beings in cold blood, I ran away. Chased, back to Switzerland, I was caught and sentenced to four and a half years mprisonment for desertion from the bloodthirsty Foreign Legion. Four and a half years in a cell, can you imagine? I only dreamed of freedom, big space... recalling my first extraterrestrial experience, I planned to travel first around the Earth and then beyond in Time and Space...

Raphael: Can you give me the details of your trips? Routes and timing?

Billy: I was released at the end of March 1965, promptly followed by my ten years long travel through Europe, Africa and Asia, that I had plotted in jail. My trip had only just began when I lost my left arm in a bus accident in Iskenderun, Turkey on 3 August 1965. I travelled via countries in the Middle East to Kashmir, India. By the mid-1970s, I was prepared for the spiritual philosophy to which the Pleiadians educated me. It is a philosophy emphasizing the immortality of the individual spirit or soul, and its purpose in life is to learn, even when it means making mistakes and learning from the mistakes. The learning goes on in successive lifetimes, or reincarnations, over which time the soul gradually evolves and accumulates memories and knowledge normally unavailable to us except as feelings of conscience.


Interview by Raphael Labro & Mango Lopez © 5 August 1996