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Billy Meier - Interview

Raphael Labro: F.I.G.U. - what does it mean?

Billy Meier: The official organisation of F.I.G.U. a German acronym that stands for "Free Community of Interests for the Fringe and Spiritual Sciences and Ufological Studies." (English translation: “Free Community of Interests for the Fringe and Spiritual and Ufological Studies“). In the late 1970's, I began to work with other people interested in learning about my remarkable contact experiences. The knowledge, I had gleaned from these contacts was made available to everyone. Some members of the group even witnessed the incredible phenomena themselves.

Raphael: When did you created the F.I.G.U.?

Billy: Founded in August 1975, F.I.G.U. found in Hinterschmidrüti, a permanent residence and in 1977, the “Semjase Silver Star Center“ became the official centre for the movement. F.I.G.U. is to help me making the message of the Pleiadians public.

Raphael: What are the F.I.G.U. members really doing?

Billy: Together with me, they decided to publicize the information and formed a group that they call F.I.G.U. In addition to publishing and distributing the experiences, facts and evidence of my contacts, F.I.G.U. intensively preoccupies itself on a daily basis with many vital, worldwide issues. These include the crusade against overpopulation, the fight against the abuse of children, the protection of animals, human rights, and the fight to save Planet Earth, along with its plants, animals, and human lives.

Raphael: Save Planet Earth, etc... Not a new worldwide issues, Green Peace to mention only one between hundred association worldwide, seems to do a lot more as you are doing with F.I.G.U. and the Pleiarians... The F.I.G.U. - what kind of organisation does it represent?

Billy: The F.I.G.U. is an official, tax paying organisation. The farm where the Semjase-Silver-Star-Center is located, is owned by all members of the F.I.G.U., I don’t own this farm. I’m only allowed to live here for a lifetime, even if I’m not officially owning it by myself in totality.

Raphael: Only one lifetime! Well I hope for you that they will recognise your next reincarnation and that you could leave one more lifetime into this little paradise, just in case your mission is not accomplished during this one. Billy, you are someone regarded as holding the leadership, being the Guru of the Meier’s Cult. Do you consider yourself as such a one?

Billy: It’s not a Cult nor a sect, ok! But, I’m “The Master” and all the followers know everything I ever wrote down or ever been told during those contacts. I’m “the medium” for all knowledge regarding extraterrestrial population. Even if one cannot speak to me that long, everything communicated by my followers derives from one source. As you can read here in the brochure „F.I.G.U. in all shortness“ (February 1996, „Billy“ Eduard A. Meier), I’m not looked upon as THE leader of the F.I.G.U., I regard myself as the teacher of the group, I teach all interested people what I was taught by my Pleiarian friends. We implement in our subject the idea of a „nonsense awareness“, but to be open for all interested people.

Raphael: Even your association is in America often described as a Sect or even a Cult?

Billy: I know, specially from those liars and frauds from Underground Video. But I want to clarify that first of all: Idiots will remain Idiots and that we’re absolutely no missionaries, but only want to convince the people on Earth of the all over truth - if they come to our places. We don’t want to push the people, they have to wish to belong to us.

Raphael: How big is your association? How many active and passive members of FIGU worldwide are there at this time? It should have quite a large number of members to make the Pleiadian Truth public.

Billy: Yes, it should. Actually, we have 150 passive members of the F.I.G..U. worldwide. Although we’re always trying to convince the people by our extremely precise knowledge and the proofs given by the Pleiadians there are not that many members within the F.I.G.U. as we need. An additional factor holding back the people might be all these controversial discussions and the publishing of others as Randy Winters, Kal Korff etc..

Raphael: You must have an operating international network, equiped for language barriers and spokespersons from the organization based internationally? If not, why has F.I.G.U. remained for two decades an insular European interest?

Billy: Additionally, there are „Study Groups“ in Japan, the U.S., Germany, CIS, Canada, Austria, Sweden and the Netherlands. In different other countries we know about interested friends. Finally and most importantly, the task of the members of the “Group of 49“ - who is supposing to support my mission directly with lectures, administrative help, caring about the Semjase Silver Star Center and giving the whole mission structure and frame - hasn’t reached its quota yet.

Raphael: Is there something like a daily schedule for the members, especially while being here in the Center?

Billy: Yes and no. We have fix meditation hours for the group but only twice a day. People have personal meditation as they ask for. Further there are six times per month „peace meditations“. The schedule provides tasks concerning the outer arrangement of the Center as gardening, cooking etc. Sometimes there is to hold night watch as there were already lots of dangerous situations. I have been shot at thirteen times.

Raphael: Billy, a lot of our readers would like to get in touch with the Japanese organisations of the F.I.G.U.. Could you please give us a contact address in Japan?

Billy: Thank you for attempting to help us. Yet I have to state that all foreign contacts outside Switzerland are co-ordinated by the Semjase Silver Star Center. We try to protect all foreign institutions against those mentioned evil events. Please understand but we’ll be happy to help for any contacts.

Raphael: Some young witnesses to this interview / message will want to contribute or join forces with F.I.G.U.. Firstly, is this possible? What is required for membership?

Billy: The minimum age to become a passive member is 18 years, the contact documentation and other writings concerning our mission are available from an age of 16 years.


Interview by Raphael Labro & Mango Lopez © 5 August 1996