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Raphael Labro Contemporary Expressionist
Billy Meier 260th Contact – Tuesday, February 3, 1998, 10:27 PM Print E-mail

260th Contact

1. Eduard, be greeted, my friend.
2. It is a pleasure for me to see you healthy.

The pleasure is all mine. Be welcomed, and sit down, yes! It’s already been a rather long time since your last visit, and a lot of things have arisen since then, especially in those circles that have determined the year 2012 to be the year of the Third World War or the end of the world, even the sects, esoteric ones, ufologists, and pseudo scientists of all kinds, including large parts of the astrologers and “crop circle experts” and so on.

Billy Meier The Prophet, Interview Print E-mail


Interview by Raphael Labro & Mango Lopez © 5 August 1996

In the beginning of 1975, a Swiss farmer named Eduard "Billy" Meier began a series of contacts with ET's from the Pleiades. Physical contacts continued for almost three years on a weekly basis producing over 1800 pages of Contact Notes and over 1200 daytime photos of the Pleiadian Beamships.

For millennia the Pleiades, recognised as the “Seven Stars” have twinkled in the night sky, inspiring countless legends and dared mankind to discover their secrets.... The small cluster of stars are named: Alcyone, Merope, Maya, Electra, Taygeta, Coele and Atlas. The Pleiades are located in the constellation of Taurus (the bull), an open group of newly forming stars with bluish-gas glowing around them, fundamental to creating the stars. The Pleiadian/Plejaran (play-yar-en) star system exists in a physical dimension that is shifted a fraction of a second ahead of our space-time configuration and is located approximately 420 light-years away from Mother Earth.

Good Luck Goddess by Labro Print E-mail

Born thousands of years ago in the Maltese Archipelago, the Good Luck Goddess is a contemporary version of the "Sleeping Lady", a clay figurine of exquisite craftsmanship found in a chamber of the Hypogeum, a sacred prehistoric megalithic underground temple on the Holy Mountains of Atlantis located what are Malta and Gozo today. Her spirit is resting in the hypogeum for the human race from planet Earth.

Billy Meier 248th Contact – Thursday, February 3, 1994, 5:04 PM PDF Print E-mail
Written by admin   
Saturday, 20 November 2010 14:01

248th Contact

1. Eduard so today, I come at a somewhat unusual time.

That already answers some questions for me that I wanted to give you in relation to this. I will settle the matter immediately, an unfortunate matter that I had regarded as settled and that I thought I wouldn’t have to worry about any more. But now, be greeted and sincerely welcomed.

2. I’m also glad to be allowed to welcome you again.
3. Also, I am to convey to you and all the group members greetings from Quetzal and from my daughter Semjase, whereby you should also, of course, pay my greetings to all.

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Vibrant Visions of Contemporary Neo Expressionist - Raphael Labro Print E-mail

Official Press Release

Tellus by LabroAmongst neolithic temples, the landscape blazes with sumptuous reds and highlights the burning gold, so there, crouches a primordial Goddess Being in distilled concentration - the serene moment before her rebirth, resonant in graceful colour of Hagar Qim.