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Billy Meier - Interview

Raphael Labro: More and more, people on Earth are concerned about terrible, dangerous diseases. Mad Cow Disease? AIDS? Obviously, there are no chances to fight or weaken them. Can you give us new information What are the origins? What can be done? What is being done about health and healing processes?? Is there a lesson to be learnt?

Billy Meier: Yes, I can. The Pleiadians gave me information about the origin of AIDS and the "Mad Cows Disease".
The source of AIDS is in Uganda, Africa. It originates from the sexual practice of Sodomy with long-tailed apes (Meerkatzen). These animals have the AIDS virus in their DNA but will not be affected. Due to the practice of having sex with these creatures, the virus is transmitted to the human beings. Additionally, the homosexuality increases the speed of transmission from one person to the other. From Africa, it was transferred to Haiti, than the U.S. and from here to the entire world.

(Compare: 150th Contact Report, Saturday, October 10, 1981, 3:15 AM)

There are 14 different types of AIDS Virus. One of them is even unknown to the Pleiadians and therefore not able to have a kind of therapy. The other ones will be fought the following way: On Earth, there are 31.000 people which get direct impulses from the Pleiadians. Only 5 of them know about this fact, the others just receive "spiritual" impulses to prompt the scientific process. The Pleiadians research with their experts on the medical field and results are given as mentioned impulses to Earth. This is the help of our friends.

The transmission of AIDS proceed the following: By Coitus, French kisses, homosexual practises, blood transfers, open injuries and mosquito bites. The use of condoms is more useful against other sexual diseases but less or only of minor use against AIDS.

Cats carry three different kinds of A.I.D.S. virus which might be transferable to humans. Other animals are A.I.D.S. transmitters as well, e.g. cheetahs.

Raphael: What's the reason that Earth was punished with this disease?

Billy: All the sexual abnormalities are responsible. It should be mentioned that Homosexuality is not regarded as abnormality but as something comparable to a "sickness". It should not be punished. Regarding men, it's looked upon to be a "vast of seed"; concerning women one can say as blossoming is impossible, law says o.k.

Raphael: Billy, thank you for the explanation regarding A.I.D.S. but what have you been told about B.S.E?

Billy: B.S.E. (bovine spongiform encephalopathy) basically is triggered by sheep.The animals transmitted the virus to cattle and apparently all mammals can be infected. Another disease, the Creutzfeld-Jakob-Disease (CJD) is directly connected with B.S.E. as well as the Gerstmann-Sträussler-Syndrome.

The infection is possible either by hereditation or transmission through bloody saliva. Of course, the ingestion of infected meat is carrier as well.

The pathogens of B.S.E. are not to be destroyed by only cooking the meat. Temperatures of over 700°C (1228°F) are necessary, probably even 1000°C (1768°C). The incubation period varies regarding the evolution level of the carriers life form: Possible are 3 months up to 40, 50 years. For human beings, incubation periods can range up to the latter ones. This means, that most people already will naturally die before the virus reveals.

Raphael: Hopefully. Did you get any information about the background and development of the disease or any indication what is to be done?

Billy: The above given data I was told in contact 249 in June 1994. Ptaah (Semjase’s father), didn’t tell me about the reasons. I suppose, our Pleiadian friends will give impulses to some scientists as they do it for AIDS-therapies.


Interview by Raphael Labro & Mango Lopez © 5 August 1996