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Billy Meier - Interview

Raphael Labro: Billy, what are your thoughts about Jesus Christ, in particular his mission here, and his life on earth, in AD?

Billy Meier: Our Extraterrestrial friends know that he was a great prophet. Yet, his name was not Jesus Christ but „Jmmanuel“. The name „Jesus Christ“ is a posthumous one. He was sentenced to die at the cross. But he didn’t and was rescued by a friend, Lazarus who brought the body to a secret cave. There he received medical treatment of Indian physicians and left - recovered - the cave through a hidden exit. Jmmanuel travelled via countries of the Middle East to Kashmir, India. Here he married, became father and died with the age of 136 years. His grave is still to be visited. He had to bring the Truth and Love to Earth. Nevertheless, he was not the son of God but the son of Mary and Gabriel who is not an angel, sent by God but an Extraterrestrial.

Raphael: Having spoken about Jesus Christ, sorry Jmmanuel, was he an extraterrestrial being?

Billy: Yes, of course he was a Pleiadian. By the way - as already mentioned - someone or something as „God“ isn’t existing. There is only the „Creation Energy“ as a chemical form of intelligence.

Raphael: Billy, what is your knowledge of the Antichrist?

Billy: The term „Antichrist“ represents all the negative influences on Earth. It means all opposite towards the truth, all wrong presentations. Especially in the transition period between two ages - as we are actually making experience of - those negative energies are noticed in higher quantity. This fact helps to end the old state of consciousness.

Raphael: Billy, are you prepared to release the name of the public figure who is the Antichrist?

Billy: Actually, they are a few personalities as the Ayahtolla Khomeini, Saddam Hussein and Shoko Asahara (Aum Shinjikyo) in Japan who are the embodied "evil“ to use the human terminology.

Raphael: Taking into consideration that the Pleiadians have a subterranean base beneath Switzerland. Do you believe this fact has any relation to the neutral stance in Swiss politics? Or for the Swiss chocolate?

Billy: Certainly not for the Swiss chocolate, Raphael!!! But in relation to the neutral stance in Swiss politics. They had three subterranean bases:

One in the United States (possibly in Florida),
One anywhere in Asia (possibly in Japan, under the Fujiyama),
One in Switzerland with a very remarkable location, just under the Mont Blanc..

Raphael: Is it possible to have a direct introduction to Quetzal Commander and even maybe organise an interview for WebStation6?

Billy: Absolutely not! As I already explained to you, Quetzal and the 250 Pleiadians left the Earth in 1995, back to their home planet ERRA in the Taygeta system.

Raphael: Today, Quetzal Commander is using Internet on Earth to communicate with us Earthlings through channelling?

Billy: This message that you are showing me and that you found in the Internet is a faked one. First of all: Quetzal is not spelt QETZEL. Second: Ptaah never wanted any Pleiadian to communicate directly with you Earthlings, specially using Internet on Earth. As I told you already, I’m “The Only One” to be contacted on this planet.

Raphael: Have you ever considered surfing on the Net yourself?

Billy: Yes, in the near future we will be connected.


Interview by Raphael Labro & Mango Lopez © 5 August 1996