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Billy Meier - Interview

Raphael Labro: How was the Universe created?

Billy Meier: Our universe, the DERN Universe, was created by the „Big Bang“, a reaction of chemical elements which - by the way - are the same everywhere in the universe. All life forms, galaxies, suns and planets etc. are located in the fourth belt, the „solid belt“. Just to complete the picture: The DERN Universe has got a twin universe, the DAL Universe which is connected through a kind of „Doorway“.

Raphael: What does D. A. L. mean?

Billy: Nothing special, a name like any other name.

Raphael: Perhaps you can define the DAL universe?

Billy: The DAL Universe is a parallel or twin universe to our DERN Universe that came into existence the same time as ours. Simply, each one a counterpart of the other. One Universe could not exist without the other.

Raphael Labro: Is this the “Doorway” that you photographed?

Billy Meier: Exact!.. The universe consists of 7 different belts. In the „centre“ there is the „central core“ (German: „Zentralkern“), then follows the „elemental core“ („Urkern“), the third belt is the „core space belt“ („Ur-raumgürtel“), followed by the „solid belt“ („Festkörpergürtel“), the fifth belt represents the „transformation belt“ („Umwandlungsgürtel“). Then we have the „creation belt“ („Schöpfungsgürtel“) and finally the „ram belt“ („Rammgürtel“). The latter one is to be compared to something as a protection shield against outward influences and offences.

Raphael: And the Pleiades - where are they located?

Billy: The Pleiades (M 45) are a small young cluster of 250~500 stars (about 420 light-years in distance from Earth), a galactic spiral from the Milky Way, located in the constellation of Taurus (the bull)--an open cluster of newly forming stars with bluish-gas glowing around them from which the stars were formed. Since the beginning of our civilization, most ancient cultures claim only seven stars and they have been named: Alcyone, Merope, Maya, Electra, Taygeta, Coele and Atlas. Also called “Seven Sisters”, and in China as the “Seven Sisters of Industry”, in Greece as the “Seven Daughters of Atlas”, or “The Daughters of Zeus” and in the Bible Job 38:31, as “The Seven Stars”. They are visible in the evening sky in the northern hemisphere from mid-October to March. Two more stars have been identified since: Asterope and Pleione.

Raphael: Who are the Pleiadians exactly?

Billy: There are different understandings of the Pleiadians, the one I perceive is:

They are dimension travellers and guardians of the gates you pass when you leave or enter another dimensional plane.

Their main approach is handling time/space possibilities, expressing this knowledge is their technology, which allows them to travel and shift dimensionally, exchanging spiritual knowledge.

They seem to be the most active alien culture here on Earth, dependent mainly on our conscious and unconscious agreements, beside the common pressure we share to balance our emotions.


Interview by Raphael Labro & Mango Lopez © 5 August 1996