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Billy Meier - Interview


Interview by Raphael Labro & Mango Lopez © 5 August 1996

In the beginning of 1975, a Swiss farmer named Eduard "Billy" Meier began a series of contacts with ET's from the Pleiades. Physical contacts continued for almost three years on a weekly basis producing over 1800 pages of Contact Notes and over 1200 daytime photos of the Pleiadian Beamships.

For millennia the Pleiades, recognised as the “Seven Stars” have twinkled in the night sky, inspiring countless legends and dared mankind to discover their secrets.... The small cluster of stars are named: Alcyone, Merope, Maya, Electra, Taygeta, Coele and Atlas. The Pleiades are located in the constellation of Taurus (the bull), an open group of newly forming stars with bluish-gas glowing around them, fundamental to creating the stars. The Pleiadian/Plejaran (play-yar-en) star system exists in a physical dimension that is shifted a fraction of a second ahead of our space-time configuration and is located approximately 420 light-years away from Mother Earth.

The following Billy Meier interview by Raphael Labro took place on the 3rd - 5th August 1996 at the Semjase Silver Star Centre, Switzerland. Following months of telephone negotiations, Billy Meier accepted our proposal for an interview to record, photograph and film during the first weekend of August ‘96. The period covering the Annual Meeting of F. I .G. U. , Meier’s official organisation, founded in August 1975 at the Semjase Silver Star Centre, translated into English as: Free Community of Interest in Border and Spiritual Science and Ufology.

We hope to clarify some questions or uncertainties on the subject of alien contact. In Mr Meier’s most recent interview, our aim was to provide an opportunity for those interested, to assess the man and form their own opinions to his claims.

4th August’96 10:00 AM - Semjase Silver Star Centre:
Guido Moosbrugger and Bruni welcome us... Following our disappointing rejection the day before.

Guido Moosbrugger: Guten Morgen, Sorry about yesterday... This morning, I have good news for you guys!

Raphael Labro: Let’s hope the Pleiadians have accepted our honourable & humble request to meet Billy today?

Guido: Yes.

Raphael: Oh, thanks a lot, Guido.

...about 15 minutes later, the S.S.S.C. Master arrives. One arm, portly stomach, dirty jeans, lumberjack shirt and a Santa-esque long white beard. Here is the “Prophet Meier”, the guy who travels faster than Light!
I must admit he does radiate a spaced energy.

10:15 AM Guido finally introduces us to the Master Guru Meier....

Raphael: Mr. Meier, good to meet you. We’re really pleased that you agreed to this interview over the weekend along with your F.I.G.U. members,or do you prefer followers. It’s such a pleasure to report on the topic of humanity on planet Earth and to join you in the promotion for more Love, Light and Wisdom. We plan transmitting the prophecies as far flung as South East Asia. Thank you and Guido for the co-operation and assistance we recieved whilst co-ordinating our visit. We anticipate an enlightening sojourn in Schmidrutti. Questions we hope to cover over the next couple of days were designed with all my friends who also wish to know more about the Pleiadians and your New Age movement theories?

Billy: ..... .

Raphael: Mr. Meier, why are you calling yourself Billy?

Billy: I always was fascinated by those American Cowboy movies and passionate about the Life of Billy the Kid. I was also a kind of Billy the Kid in Bülach. My school friends called me “Billy der Ferueckt”, Crazy (silly) Billy in English!...

Raphael: Billy, what are your feelings about current Hollywood movies such as “Independence Day” or TV’s portrayal of extra-terrestrial behaviour broadcast on “X-Files”. Also, the extensive data on the Internet and numerous books available from new age authors, Randolph Winters for instance?

Billy: Hmm... American foolhardy propoganda - not to be taken seriously. Many so called writers have come here illiciting information under false pretences only to release misinterpreted sensationalism for profiteering purposes. Randy Winters is one example of the swindlers.