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Billy Meier - Interview

Raphael Labro: What is their origin and link to us Earthlings?

Billy Meier: Their forefathers originated in the Lyra constellation of the Vega system and have sporadically visited Earth for over 28 million years. Some of these ancient visitors are responsible for influencing the development of mankind. Pleiadians and Earthly humans share the same ancestors and 13.500 years ago, the last huge settlement of Pleiadians on Earth took place. As the Earth humans degenerated by evolutionary development and wars, the Extraterrestrials decided to help re-fresh the human race on Earth. Consequently, one Pleiadian man of each colour, white, brown and red produced young with a suitable Earth woman. The Adam of the Bible was the child of the white couple. Hence the Pleiadian’s influence towards the evolution of the human race.

In a positive sense they re-introduced the wisdom of truth and love. The negative repercussion being the separation of tribes of differing culture, colour and creed, which often proved as we are well aware - disastrous results. Today’s Pleiadians feel jointly responsible for the actions of their forefathers and have been gradually assisting in our re-discovery in the path of truth. Erra has no religion, the Pleiadians are motivated by the Universal Philosophy: Truth and Science of Creation.

The Erranians are about 8.000 years more advanced in technology compared to us and about twenty to thirty million years more advanced concerning spiritual evolution... Nevertheless, their emotions are similar to ours but expressed differently.

Before my trip to the Pleiades cluster, the Pleiadians explained to me the following: Erra, their home, is a planet of the Taygeta system and this system is located in a different dimension, a fraction of a second ahead of our space-time configuration. Universally located, and 80 light-years further from the commonly known Pleiades star cluster of 420 light years away from Earth. Infact, they are not Pleiadian but Plejaren.

Raphael: (A little confused !). What are you suggesting? The Pleiadians are suddenly a myth, or is this new name (pronounced Play-ya-ren) your Swiss/German translation?. . . O.K. so you’re pulling my leg ? Besides, earlier we mentioned the Pleiades’ record in the Bible and that they were known to Earth’s ancient civilisations etc...

Billy: Till last year 1995, our „friends“ took the name “Pleiades” as a camouflage name. The Plejaran’s are humans who reside on Erra ( almost as large as Earth). Erra is one of ten planets that circle their sun, Taygeta. The Plejaran system is millions of years older than our Pleiades star cluster in the Taurus constellation. The Pleiades consists of 250 hot, blue stars that are still very young and incapable of sustaining life in either a material or spiritual form. In reality, the Pleiadians real name, Plejarans was deliberately withheld from us at the Plejarans request until February 1995, when they officially withdrew all of their bases from Earth. It was their intention to assist me in exposing those who fraudulently claim to be in contact with Pleiadians, either in a physical or spiritual form.

Raphael: (Baffled. Is he joking ? Now questioning my own sense of humour, but what’s the relevance? Trying not to offend). Mr. Meier, I’d prefer to use the term Pleiadians for the purpose of this interview if you don’t mind, so as not to confuse and complicate this intriguing subject further not only for myself but also the reader .

Billy: Nevertheless, as most of the interested people on Earth know them under the „false“ but long used name. We, at the “Semjase Silver Star Center“ will continue to use the term “Pleiarians“ to prevent confusion.

Raphael: As you have visited their home planet Erra, let’s talk about the lifestyle of the Pleiadians. Topics such as the familiy unit, and everyday life etc...

The family consists of 5 people maximum: the couple and three children maximum. The population of ERRA is about 529 million people - the natural optimum for a planet’s population. The Pleiadians are practising a strict birth control. By the way - children are „created“ as the humans on Earth procreate.

Raphael: What do you mean, to prevent confusion?

Billy: Well now, one will wonder why they are called the Pleiarians if the home system obviously is not the Pleiadian system. This, as we know, is only 420 light-years away from our planet.


Interview by Raphael Labro & Mango Lopez © 5 August 1996