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Billy Meier - Interview

Semjase by Raphael LabroRaphael Labro: I have read that your mission on Earth was initiated by a super sensual extraterrestrial woman?

Billy Meier: I was thirty eight years old... It was Tuesday, 28 January, 1975 at 1.00 p.m. When my direct telepathic contacts with an extraterrestrial woman, Semjase from the Pleiadian people started.

Raphael: Who is Semjase?

Billy: Semjase is 344 years old. She is about 1.7 meters tall, slender, young, pretty, fair skinned, with sparkling blue eyes and light-blond hair. Her very long and somewhat fore-grown earlobes provide her with a special, distinguishing feature. This is the only anatomical difference that distinguishes her from our women on Terra (Earth). Due to her exceptional knowledge, which far exceeds even the average person on her home planet Erra, she carries the rank of a demi-Jshrjsh (pronounced: ish-rish), which means a demi-queen of wisdom or a demi-goddess as this person was referred to in earlier times on Earth as in Greek mythology. Having occupied herself with various matters relating to our planet years before she made contact with me. Qualified as the most, knowledgeable extraterrestrial regarding our situation here on Earth. During the period from February 1965 through June 1973, she remained in the DAL Universe with Asket's people. Upon her return from the DAL Universe to Erra, she came to Earth in July 1973, and in a hidden station continued to carry out the tasks she previously performed here. Semjase was once married but lost her husband with whom she had been wed for only seven years. Her spouse participated in a foreign galaxy research expedition. At the time, 200 years ago, hyperspace technology was not yet known to the Pleiadians/Plejarans. Of the two dispatched research ships only one returned home safely after eleven years. Unfortunately, the other ship with her husband on board suffered control damage and crashed into a sun. Semjase bore no children in her marriage.

Raphael: How did you actually meet Semjase?

Billy: I was sitting with Poppy my ex-wife, in the kitchen of our little house in Bülach, the kids were already at school... I met Semjase under instructions to bring a camera, she was going to allow me to photograph her spacecraft for proof of existence. She introduced herself to me in German, and we sat on the grass about 12 meters away from her beamship, explaining she was from the Pleiades. She wanted to make it clear that she and her people had been coming to Earth for thousands of years and were not involved directly with our governments or political leaders. She was to be my guide, instructing awareness to healing, the evolution of the planet and the human race, developing advanced spiritual knowledge and understanding our purpose within the solar system, galaxy and beyond.

Raphael: When did the contacts cease communications?

Billy: Quetzal Commander and the 250 Pleiadians left the Earth in 1995, from their vast underground complex beneath Switzerland. Returning to their home planet Erra.

Raphael: And why did they leave Earth?

Billy: Their mission was over, they had instructed me to do the rest, to propagate the Truth.

Raphael: Could they have left because of your insistence in proving their existence, with respect to media cynicism and doubting reports on the validity of your naive photographic evidence. Infact, I was a fashion photographer in the 70’s and 80’s and looking at the picture of the DAL girls Asket & Sonaer, even though blurred, they’re remarkably similar to a 70’s Neckermann Catalogue picture, complete with glossy make-up and typical hairstyles of that period. Frankly, it seems reasonable to question the authenticity.

Billy: In fear, it is always easy to mock. People refuse to change their conditioned dogma. Infact, Pleiadians look quite similar to us. The only physical exception is the form of their ear-lobes which are a bit longer than ours by approximately 2 cm. As my friend Guido Moosbrugger reveals in his book „...Und Sie Fliegen Doch!“ („... And Yet They’re Flying!“) the photographs of two Pleiadian women. Indeed it is difficult to identify them as Extraterrestrials as only their ears represent their real identity.


Interview by Raphael Labro & Mango Lopez © 5 August 1996